What is the EV?

Dry Steam

Contains only 5% to 10% water

High Temperature

Reaches up to 340°F (170°C)

Chemical Free

Uses ONLY tap water!

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Google and Facebook Reviews
"Matt was super friendly and easy to talk to. The streamer is AMAZING— replaces all of those nasty harsh chemical we use to clean. Best part is that it cleans faster and better then the chemicals. Have him clean your oven, stainless steel or windows and you will be sold!!"

Christina F.

- Tea, SD
"Matt came and did a demo at my house. He cleaned the gunk off my stove top that would have taken me hours, he did it in about a half hour! I used the machine the next day and cleaned my kitchen cupboards and wood floor! So easy to use!"

Michelle H.

- Dante, SD
"I love using my steamer, there's just so much it can do! My favorite would probably that my oven has never looked more clean! My close behind 2nd would be using it for grout cleaning because I have tile in several rooms of the house that's starting to look dingy/dirty."

Jenna F.

- Sioux Falls, SD

Our Team

Say hello to our team!

Matt Yde


Authorized Factory Distributor
Authorized Sales Representative
Cell: (605) 521-6313

Vicki Yde

Chief Administrative Officer

Authorized Sales Representative
Bookkeeping & Accounting
Cell: (605) 521-3454

Billy Thompson


Authorized Sales Representative
Office Line:
(605) 271-1325

Brad Schimmel


Authorized Sales Representative
Office Line:
(605) 271-1325

Lovisa Lamm


Call Center Representative

Sara Hermanson


Call Center Representative

About Us

The future today – A life without chemicals

Our mission is to introduce as many people as possible to the EV3000i so that cleaning becomes more ecological and healthier. We would like our team and our clients to feel like one big family, working towards a common goal – protecting nature and ourselves so that all of us may live in a healthier environment without chemicals. The strength of the EV3000i for cleaning is in the dry steam and high temperature. The dry steam is a completely “green technology” which makes cleaning and disinfection eco-friendly and independent of harmful household chemicals.

The EV3000i is manufactured in Italy, but our local office is located right here in Sioux Falls, SD on the corner of 41st and West. Family owned and operated.

EV of South Dakota

  •  Office: (605) 271-1325
  •  Service: (605) 368-1656 (Call/text)
  •  1612 W 41st Street, Suite A, Sioux Falls, SD 57105
  •  vicki.evofsd@gmail.com
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